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Kidney Transplant Support Fundraiser

Thank you to all who came out and donated for the Zumbathon! We had so much fun and the Raines' family was truly grateful of your support.

Kidney Transplant Support Fundraiser!

February 22, 2014


Doors open at 9am for Registration

Come out and "Join the Party" to help the Raines' family reach their ultimate goal of $15,000. The family you see above has undergone so many obstacles and challenges throughout the past 5 years but their faith never died.

In October of 2007, Justin was diagnosed with renal (kidney) failure. There were no warning signs, it came out of nowhere. For two years (2007-2009) Justin was considered a special case to the doctors because the cause remained unknown. He went through every test several times, and each test came back negative. After two years of hospital stays (weeks at a time), tons of medications and being used as a test patient, his kidneys eventually failed completely.

 In June of 2009 Justin had no choice but to start dialysis. Starting dialysis put life on hold. As a professional traveling musician, work became extremely difficult because he had to be based in Boston for treatments. This went on for four years. Justin and I had to make many sacrifices from this unexpected turn around in his life which took place in his prime years. Now married with two children, Justin was blessed with a kidney on November 16, 2013. With a transplant there is a 6 month recovery process, so everyday expenses and past expenses including overdue rent and important bills need to be taken care of.

You can support by attending this Zumbathon for just $20 ($25 at the door)! or go to this site to donate:


155 Talbot Avenue Dorchester, MA 02124

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